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About Us

Healthcare Evolution Group


At Healthcare Evolution Group we are dedicated to making life easier, more productive, and more financially rewarding for doctors, hospitals, carriers, and organizations like ACO/MSO/IPA's. Our focus is on creating and making possible win-win-win solutions to help you get ahead of the current requirements while being profitable.

Our team is a diverse group of healthcare professionals, financial experts, Fortune 50 consultants, doctors, professors, technology professionals, and a tremendous execution network, as well. We come from myriad backgrounds - with the common goal of improving the lives and health of the patients and bringing time back to doctors, and revenue to doctors, groups, and organizations.

We're here to help you mitigate the risks presented by the regulations you face as a doctor in the move to value based care, and can help now and in the future, with turnkey solutions from patient engagement and care, to new revenue, to more efficient and powerful processes - without upfront costs.


We should speak as soon as you have the time to do so - we expect to help you the way we've helped so many others already. Waiting simply increases the time it takes to become compliant, and even if you find you are compliant - we can often add new revenue.

Providing Expertise Across Multiple Realms

Buz McOmber,
Managing Partner

Buz McOmber has over 35 years of experience working with large organizations in multiple industries including both information technology and healthcare. 

20+ years at IBM and Gartner provided him with an appreciation of the key issues that inhibit organizational excellence and sustainable results.

His focus is on creating leverage to help as many of the end beneficiaries (patients, healthcare providers and customers) to receive better outcomes by improving systems, adding resources where needed and enabling improved financial results in the process.

andy headshot.jpg
Andy Greider,
Managing Partner

Andy Greider has spent his career solving challenges from the Fortune Five to small business owners and has an ability to bring together powerful allies to create solutions that provide win win win solutions for all involved.

Having served in many capacities across myriad industries, Andy has an innate ability to cut to the core of what needs to be done, developed or deployed - and in establishing the partnerships that catalyze for extraordinary results.

Partner Thoughts:

“With Healthcare Evolution Group, we’ve assembled a suite of offerings that are intended to improve patient health across the entire US healthcare system.

We are not a “silver bullet” for improved healthcare, but by assisting healthcare systems to increase the preventive component of patient engagement we reduce the number of emergent situations for the patient and lower treatment costs for the hospital system. 

Our wound care program dramatically improves patient outcomes while increasing revenue for the physician and lower costs for the payor. We believe we will positively impact millions of patients as our approach gains traction across the country.”

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